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Farm Fresh Egg Basket

Farm Fresh Egg Basket


Add this Farm Fresh Egg Basket to your cart now!

You will get 2 dozen nutritious, unwashed farm fresh eggs.

Vaccine-free Antibiotic-free and open-range heritage chickens lay holistic eggs!


Easy to digest.

Bloom/Cuticle in tact.

3-4 times higher nutrient values than grain-fed commercial layers.

Last 2-3 weeks longer than washed eggs.


UPS home delivery. Gate side pick up at farm. Come to scheduled CSA farm pickup (TBA in Newsletter).


PRE-PAID LABEL (optional)

Send me your pre-paid UPS next day or 2nd day air label in a PDF format to

This is especially good for saving you money if you get better UPS air service rates than I do. 

Ships from 

Rainbow Ranch Farms

2965 McMillan Rd. Pinon HIlls, CA. 92372

Ships to:

Your physical address (no P.O. Boxes).

Box dimensions are 12X12X12

Box weight is 6.0 lbs


After I read the research and studies (PMID: 12064336) of the impressive nutritive values of egg shells, I started grinding up my own powder.

Along with 90% calcium in just 1/2 teaspoon of ground egg shell,  it's also a very good
source of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and natural sodium too.

Within the first 6 months my bone density increased to a whopping 3.5% from 2.5%. Of course, this was not a controlled study (just my personal experience and observation).

Over the past 24 months, others have tried it and are reporting great results too. And, now I share this with you too.

Do not try this with any grocery store, farmers market or health food store eggs. They are washed to remove the protective bloom,  sanitized with chemicals, coated with oil or, waxy sealants, refrigerated and often x-ray'd too. Eggs sold to the general public come from vaccinated chickens.   Please let me know what your results are, I would love to hear from you.



  • Research Details


  • Delivery Dates

    Delivery dates are subject to change monthly and determined by weather, availability and other factors. 
     Contact me, Xenia by text or call 909-634-7540 with any questions. 

  • Pre-Paid Label

    If you get better rates on UPS overnight shipping than I do please use this option. To order with Pre-Paid Label option you must send me your UPS pre-paid labels in PDF format. Details are listed in the description area. I need 1 label for every order. 

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