Nancy's Farmacy

Nancy is a long time farm member and, supporter of Rainbow Ranch Farms. Nancy is dedicated to all things, organic, natural and, chemical free. 

Nancy has an amazing green thumb, growing and, producing beautiful, wholesome, fresh, organic heirloom vegetables,  fruit,  other produce and, greens using hydroponics and, out door soil systems. 

In addition, Nancy has been baking since she was a little girl and, she is an incredible artisan. She bakes quiche, peach pies, sourdough breads and, more. It does not stop there. She also makes natural apple sauce,  pickles, salsa, and so much more, using her home grown, heirloom  organics. 

Every month, the fresh harvest is a big surprise and, members,  just like you gather to buy the freshest heirloom, organics that she has to offer.

Sorry, no deliveries or shipping of Nancy's Farmacy products, at this time.

Nancy is at Rainbow Ranch Farms on the scheduled day of CSA farm pick-up. Notifications are sent out in our newsletter. 

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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