Rainbow Organics

Consists of an amazing variety of farm fresh, organic or, locally sourced gourmet bundles, safely  delivered to your door.


Expect enough fresh produce to feed a family of 2-3 for an entire week.

Expect something different every week.

fruit, vegetables, greens, culinary herbs, artisan salsa, artisan apple sauce, pre-made ready-to-eat salad (fresh from the garden and so much more...you will love  it!

Local farmers, ranchers and, artisans deliver fresh goods to Rainbow Ranch Farms on Saturday and, on Sunday. We pack your boxes on Sunday's and, they are ready for pick up.

As always,

No GMO's

No Pesticides

No Corn

No Soy

No Wheat



Real Food, Real People and Real-Farmers

Sponsored by Rainbow Ranch Farms (est. 1991), High Desert Buyer's Club & Inland Empire CO-OP (est. 2001)

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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