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Food Source

Where does food come from?

Food is produced by farmers and ranchers.

This is the first and most raw and natural form of sourcing. Today we have more options than ever before and the choices we make can impact our health, happiness and longevity.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are advertising and marketing conglomerates catering to lobbyists and the largest commercial food producers in the world.

Every grocery store is designed and set up in a specific way to make you spend more money than you planned for. This is why the real food is usually in the back or, the far sides of the building.

You have to pass by all the packaged products before getting to the real food. All products are shelved in such a way that "product placement" is stimulating to you, the shopper.

Billions of dollars goes into grocery store marketing and product placements. Small farms and ranches can not compete with these tactics.

How do you feel about this?

Citrus Fruits

Farms and Ranches

There are many different types of farms and ranches. Every farm and ranch has their own production methods and types of foods that they produce and grow. 

Today, we (as consumers) have an advantage. You have the upper hand and can vote with your food dollars. 

Due to the growing small farm industry, you have more choices than ever before. You can get to know your farmers and ranchers that are growing your food. You can ask them your questions about any concerns that you have and, determine if your food philosophies are aligned.

What do you think about this?

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You are what you don't eat

Here, our livestock are all natural breeders unlike most organic ranches that use artificial insemination.

Our livestock are old fashioned heritage breeds instead of genetically designed livestock which are bred to grow very large and very fast.

Our slow grown, heritage grass fed beef and lamb are also grass finished. This means something very special because, ALL cattle and lamb are grass-fed and can be labeled as such. Even though they are grain finished along with grass.

ALL commercial and industrialized livestock producers (including organic) vaccinate their livestock! Yes. In addition they administer tetanus vaccines along with an antibiotic, especially after castration to alter the livestock hormone production. These products can be labeled as "antibiotic-free" since this process is done before 12 months of age.

Our premium terroir meat, poultry and eggs are from our livestock! Our livestock have a 3 decades long history of naturally high and optimum immune systems. No castrations, no dehorning or administration of vaccines or antibiotics are needed. We feature nutritious, wholesome and sustainable GRAIN-FREE food.

The animals are raised within their flocks and herds just as nature intended.

Does this align with your food philosophy?

You are what you eat

Are you thinking that commercially produced "Organic" food is healthier, more wholesome and nutritious than non-organic?

Commercially and industrialized food is produced by the same methods. In most industrialized farming methods they are trading one toxic pesticide and soil additives for another.

The seeds and starter plants come from similar or, the same places.

Livestock producers use the same methods and can use a possibly misleading label. 

This is because The USDA National Organic standards were set forth by the largest, industrialized and commercial farms who have lobbyists working on their behalf. 

Did you already know this?


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