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Rainbow Ranch Farms Holistically-Raised Heritage Turkeys

Perfectly-Raised Open-Foraged, Free-Range "Terroir" Heritage Turkeys


It's really easy to see why Rainbow Ranch Farms pasture-raised, open range heritage turkeys are considered number 1 in the nation, today. 

With small family farms popping up like wild fire, research indicates that the majority follow commercial industry standards. 

Rainbow Ranch Farms has set new standards from old methods and the results are clear. This is why Rainbow Ranch Farms heritage turkeys are considered the gold standard.  

Most turkey ranchers buy day old poults & chicks from commercial hatcheries. Here at RRF we keep heritage breeding stock and, they breed naturally. This is sustainable. 

Hatcheries vaccinate birds to comply with interstate transportation and, disease control guidelines.

Vaccines are designed to cross critical biological organ and brain barriers. RRF heritage turkeys are not vaccinated and they are naturally healthy with superior immune systems. This is sustainable.

Most turkey ranchers use products to kill parasites in turkeys.  This indicates that they either have parasitical problems in their flocks or trying to prevent disease through deworming. The problem is that these also destroy microbiomes in the human gastrointestinal tract.


Our healthy, tasty heritage turkeys are grown right here in California and are foraged on wild and native vegetation as nature intended. This is sustainable.

Sustainability has a definition that means a lifecycle that comes full circle and starts fresh again.  Sustainable is an adjective for something that is able to be sustained, i.e, something that is “bearable” and “capable of being continued at a certain level”. In the end, sustainability can perhaps be seen as the process(es) by which something is kept at a certain level. 

Xenia Stavrinides has been featured On CBS News HealthWatch

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