Cowgirl Beef Steaks (1/2 Shr.1 Yr.)

Cowgirl Beef Steaks (1/2 Shr.1 Yr.)


You can expect 5.0-5.5 pounds of Terroir Mojave Beefy steaks every single month for, 12 consecutive months.

Delivery nationwide, included, for all 12 months!


With our grass-fed/grass-finished, pasture-raised heritage-breed cows, you get a naturally tastier beef, loaded in nutrient-dense proteins,  packed fill in essential fatty acids and rich in that beefy flavor, you always love.


Always the very best, just for you. Count on us, to take care of you, the way you deserve. You can always depend on our heritage cattle to provide the best quality beef for you and your family because they are vaccine-free, antibiotic-free, never administered tetanus shots and, never castrated, *all of which are permitted by the U.S. National Organic program (under preventative measures). That's why we are proud to be "Physio-Organic" and, stand out from all the rest.



  • Earn Farm Dollars

    This purchase qualifies for Farm Dollars, when you opt to pick-up at the home farm. Every time you choose to pick up at the home farm over the course of the next 12 months, you can spend your earned Farm Dollars on any additional foods that you love, from the a-la-cart freezer and, you can buy farm fresh, organic goods from any of the artisans during our exclusive artisan market, on our scheduled CSA farm pick-up days. 

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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