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Vaccine-Free Organic Grain-Free Eggs

Vaccine-Free Organic Grain-Free Eggs



Expect 2 dozen terroir eggs exclusively from Rainbow Ranch Farms—unavailable elsewhere.


These heritage, free-range eggs are from chickens raised without vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs, never consuming grains. 100% free-range, these eggs come from chickens feasting on bugs, grubs, worms, and organic produce.  Known for their deep seasonal flavor, natural richness, and old-fashioned nutritional profiles.


2 dozens of farm fresh eggs

Medium, large, extra large and jumbo (mixed)

Various shell colors

Uncooked state (raw)


Bloom intact

Product of Sunny Southern California

Store in a cool dark and dry place for up to 6 weeks


During the busy season allow 10 business days. I will send a picture of your tracking number to your cell phone.


Our heritage chickens thrive on fresh organic berries, leafy greens, sweet fruits, berries and vegetables, enjoying seasonal pastures and fallen orchard fruits. They open range, interacting with cows, goats, and sheep daily.


Thank you!



Holistic Rancher, Farmer, Veterinarian

Nose-to-Tail Artisan Butcher

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  • Delivery Details

    Your order will be shipped within 7-10 business days. I pack and ship on Mon, Tue, and Wed. You'll receive a text with a photo of your box label and tracking number on the shipping day.

    Enjoy our delicious wholesome eggs delivered by UPS, no matter your location. For questions, call or text 909-634-7540.

    Thank you


  • Eggceptional Layers

     Unveiling Our Exceptional Chickens

    I avoid corn, soy, wheat, and barley due to their potential for toxic molds. Even organic grains can contain molds linked to immune deficiency, diabetes, and cancer. I refrain from vaccinating, administering antibiotics, or using drugs, ensuring natural flavors.

    The eggs' texture and seasonal flavor profiles are 100% influenced by their environment, terrain, climate, diet, and lifestyle—making these heritage eggs unique and unable to be replicated.

    Experience exciting seasonal flavor profiles that offer wholesome nutrients as nature intended.

    Thank you


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