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Antibiotics are often used in certified organic foods as preventative measures, especially after livestock castration. The over use of antibiotics in livestock has led to antibiotic resistance in people and, in livestock. Antibiotics destroy your healthy bacteria which, are needed to to maintain your healthy digestive system. 

Castration is the removal of testicles. In turn, when the animal is not busy developing natural testosterone (from castration), it develops more estrogen, extra fat and, puts on weight much faster. It's well known that, some cancers are estrogen stimulated and, this is unacceptable especially, in our food supply. 

Can Antibiotics Be "legally" Used In The Production Of Certified Organic Chickens, eggs, honey, milk, beef, pork, lamb etc.?

Yes. According to the National Organic Program vaccinations and preventive drugs are permitted and, encouraged.

Vaccination (eCFR)


Antibiotics (NOP Summary)


PART 205—NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM § 205.238 Livestock health care practice standard.

(c) The producer of an organic livestock operation must not:

(2) Administer any animal drug, other than vaccinations, preventives, and pain relief medications, in the absence of illness;


The key phrases

"other than vaccinations, preventives, and pain relief medications"



"Administer any animal drug, other than vaccinations": 

This means that vaccines from live or dead virus, tetanus included are permitted by the National Organic Program. 



"Preventives" This also means that antibiotics can be used after castration as a preventative measure and permitted by the National Organic Program. 



"Pain relief medications" This also means that in the case of knocking out an animal to perform castration, using something like Ketamine, is also permitted by the National Organic Program.


Rainbow Ranch Farms is 100% antibiotic-free, with pride and, glee.


 Since our chickens are raised outside year-round, they  get plenty of vitamin D, from sunshine, all year.

Our chickens spend their days scratching, digging in rich soil, hunting for natural bugs, in organic compost, feasting on juicy earthworms and, catching flying insects. Their immune systems are so, strong that they, even breed all year including, during our snowy winters.


Over the past 2 decades, we have faced terrible challenges. There have been situations and, circumstances that we never thought, we would get through without antibiotics but, we never gave in and, did not give up.


We fought our ways through extreme livestock issues and through it, we stood strong with hope in our hearts and, we believed that our faith, good sense, experience and, knowledge would bring solutions, to last a lifetime. 

There were times of heartbreak, devastation and, crisis that, tested my patience and, made me second guess, myself, my experience, knowledge and, even my own ethics. Those were some tough tests. To this day, it brings me to tears, every time, I think about those tough times. 


Through all our trials, losses, and, tribulations eventually, we emerged stronger than ever before. and,  We believed, we held on to that trust and, gave it our all. With time, the most amazing amazing things happened. This is greatness. A greatness, that formed the most incredible, disease-free farm/ranch environment, with livestock, that have powerful, disease-resistance and, extremely high, primary and, secondary immune system responses, that are seriously, second-to-none. We could not be happier, as all these amazing traits get passed on to the end consumer. That's you, our family, our friends and all those who consume our Physio-Organic, Holistic 


More importantly, our customers are very pleased with the results that they see every day. We are thankful to all of you, who have stood by us, through thick and, thin.  

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