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Everytime you consume any food which directly or indirectly contains grains (certified organic, heirloom, non-GMO or other); or eat any meat, poultry, eggs & dairy products (produced or derived from ANY livestock that are fed grain),  you are gambling through exposure to potentially DEADLY MYCOTOXINS!  This is a serious problem here in the U.S.A and globally.

Mycotoxins can also be found in 

Fermented foods

Certified Organic poultry grains

Traditional pig & poultry grains

Certified Organic poultry feed

Mycotoxins in Certified Organic produce?


Rainbow Ranch Farms has always been, and continues to be America's only source for reliable, allergen-free, PURE physio-organic and holistic-healing meat, poultry, eggs, raw honey and goat's milk.


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