About Xenia's Heritage-Breed, Foraged
Holistically-Raised Healing Chickens

Xenia's chickens, turkeys, ducks, and game birds live their entire lives on free-range and foraging "As Nature Intended"


 • Standard/Heritage breeds that thrive on outdoor-living all year. 

 • Humanely raised in small groups, in Southern California  

 • Our parent/breeding-stock is on-site and some originated in

   France, England, the Mediterranean and Asia.


Year after year Rainbow Ranch Farms exceeds the standards for Physio-Organic  humane and ethical handling. 


  • NO Genetically Modified Organisms

  • Forage-based diet

  • NO synthetic Amino Acids or supplemental digestive enzymes

  • NO Corn, No Soy, No Fishmeal

  • NO Coconut-by-products, No Flax, No fillers 

  • NO Wheat, Yeast-Free & Gluten-Free


Species-Specific Diet for Most Chickens: 

80% Bugs, Grubs, Worms, Native Forage, compost, farm proteins and Insects 

20% Seasonal vegetables, greens, grasses, native vegetation & seasonal pasture


We are the ONLY source for your complete Physio-Organic protein needs. 








Xenia's birds grow naturally with room to roam in a naturally conducive environment on our certified farms and ranches in Southern California. 

Our standard/heritage-breeds forage their high quality diet, and hunt worms, bugs and grubs. 

"Awesome Chicken @ Rainbow Ranch Farms!".








Raised with the highest rated standards humane and ethical approved "SECOND TO NONE"


Grown "As Nature Intended"


Beautiful coops, laying nests and perching freedom.


Pest/predator-free ranges


Free to dust bathe, molt, fly, fight and mate.


Freedom of choice to roam with the hogs, cattle, 

sheep and goats and scratch through the uneaten grasses and  droppings left behind and they even hunt for dung-beetles and fly larvae.


NO Animal-By-Products

No Corn

NO Genetically Modified Organisms

No Soy

NO Antibiotics

No Wheat, No Spelt 

NO Pesticides

NO Chemical Fertilizers

No Fishmeal or Flax 

NO Synthetic Amino Acids

No Artificial digestive enzymes

No Preservatives


Living happy, healthy lives and treated with respect and always handled with compassion.


Always, naturally SLOW GROWN


Poultry are individually vet-checked, then processed by hand, and chilled using an old fashioned ice-bath, instead of more technologically-advanced (artificial) methods. 


Our processing methods help to prevent the potential of bacterial cross contamination and guarantee the preservation of nutrient-density.

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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