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Xenia's Heritage, Wild-Foraged

Holistically & Pasture-Raised Poultry

Xenia's chickens, turkeys and game birds live their entire lives ranging freely. All day, they are foraging through wild and native indigenous vegetation while hunting, scratching and, pecking around the heirloom gardens for bugs, grubs, worms and other "species-specific" organic matter, "As Nature Intended"


 • Poultry breeds that thrive on outdoor-living all year. 

 • Humanely raised in small groups,

 • Parent/breeding-stock is on-site.

It's a great comfort to me that my flocks are sustainable and require little intervention from me. They are traceable because they are bred, hatched and raised right here. This equates to transparency and responsible food security. 

Please encourage your local farmers to join the journey to sustainability and better health through exceptional food. Encourage your local farms to follow our lead. We really need more clean, pure farms and ranches producing wholesome food.

Wild forage-based poultry diets are best for the overall health and, welfare of heritage poultry breeds. Open access to free range with the freedom to feast on indigenous, native vegetation provides their crops with beneficial micro-organisms which helps keep their immune systems strong.

A species-specific diet comprised of approximately 80% bugs, grubs, worms and other insects can provide 80:20 protein to fat ratio. It's important that they build healthy bones, strong connective tissue, well formed muscles, healthy organs and maintain high energy.


With the inclusion of approximately  15% of wild, native and, indigenous vegetation, fallen seeds, wild flowers, seasonal vegetables, greens and, fruits they can thrive.


Natural grit from the land and fiber sources are also important to their good health.  Scratching, pecking, digging and, hunting through the farm compost provides the necessary grit (approximately 5%) that helps their gizzard grind up food for optimal digestion.

No Corn

NO Genetically Modified Organisms

No Soy

NO Antibiotics

No Wheat, No Spelt 

NO Pesticides

NO Chemical Fertilizers

No Fish-meal or Flax 

NO Synthetic Amino Acids

No Artificial digestive enzymes

No Preservatives

NO Coconut-by-products

No Toxic fillers 








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