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I Have Questions For The Use Of Scary Food Additives

Click the links on the bottom of this page to learn more about the common practices in traditional and organic agriculture. How organic meat is processed. How some of these methods and chemicals may affect your health.

Agricultural practices that promote the use of antibiotics, vaccines and other drugs and STILL allowed to label "Raised without antibiotics" and "Certified Organic" use the links provided below on this page. These chemical additives are to promote food safety.

Who is thinking this stuff up?

How safe are they?

What's wrong with using clean water? 

When did clean water become the enemy? 

Are the meats, dairy, eggs and poultry that is produced commercially that filthy? 

It's bizarre to me to see the lengths some producers will go to make a product stay fresher longer and still retain some flavor. Chemicals are used all across the agricultural spectrum. 

I avoid sourcing, buying or consuming food from grocery stores, health food stores, Farmer's Markets and fake farms. I avoid pre-packaged food stuff altogether. I eat what I grow and what my  family, friends and farm members grow. If you've  watched my YouTube channel, I share where I source other ingredients, that I don't grow, raise or produce. 

  • Saw Dust Filler

  • ​Food Coloring

  • Flavor Enhancers​

  • M.S.G 

  • Hormones

  • Steroids

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