Xenia's Holistic, Healing Farm-Fresh
Heritage Eggs and Poultry
Organic Free-Range Poultry

Rainbow Ranch Farms heritage-breed layers are 100% free-range, open foraged and live a Galus-Galus physio-organic, cultural lifestyle (as nature intended). No unatural lighting,  no soy, wheat, fish, no crab, no flax or corn and always gluten-free! We do not force egg-laying during shorter days and colder nights. 


"Doing it Nature's Way, is The Only Way"

Physio-Organic (est. 1991)


**No vaccines, No Antibiotics, No G.M.O.'s, No Gluten**

Standard/heritage chickens raised by Xenia, eat an animal protein based-diet ( worms, grubs, beetles and other farm grown meat) that has no grains and NO G.M.O's.

Xenia (Rainbow Ranch Farms) developed the feeding formulations the chickens, ducks and game birds eat based only on nature's ecological, species-specific design.


Why No Soy, No Corn, No Flax? No Fish/Crab? No Wheat?


Rainbow Ranch Farms eggs supply the highest Omega 6 to Omega 3 balanced ratio because the hens consume a species-specific diet, as nature intended and are "second to none". 


Foraged - Cage Free - Pastured - Open Range

Xenia's  hens forage on open, seasonal, heirloom gardens fertile with native vegetation, heirloom vegetables, herbs and greens. The sol is rich with beneficial insects, grubs and worms. The hens are free to forage and scratch through the abundant mulch and compost piles too!


They are raised 100% "free" even during the winter.

Rainbow Ranch Farms home-farm is located in the High Desert of California and even though the California Mojave Desert is quite dry, the hens perform with the highest of excellence on "Real Food". 


Egg pick-up is best whenever possible, vs. shipping. Eggs are "farm-to-kitchen" direct.

Egg shipping methods have not been perfected yet, although several farm members have offered great ideas on egg shipping, it is still "trial and error". 


If you would like your eggs shipped, the wonderful Rainbow Ranch Farms volunteers are happy to give it the old fashioned college try.. 

"Not all pasture-raised organic eggs are the same."

Imagine old fashioned, heritage-breed, rare and endangered chickens foraging freely on a small family farm following the pigs, cattle, sheep and goats as they naturally desire. Watch  as they feast on a buffet of rich native vegetation, bugs, grubs and other native insects; scratching and pecking through organic compost and mulch, hunting for worms as nature intended. Picture the happy, healthy hens, beautiful roosters and their chicks roaming in the seasonal heirloom gardens and roosting up high at sunset. These are Xenia’s Physio-Organic, Rainbow Prairie Chickens, since 1991.


Rainbow Ranch Farms customers are people just like you, who found the cleanest most nutritious food available and improving their health, well-being and lifestyle continue learning

Rainbow Ranch Farms eggs are..

soy-free, wheat-free, corn-free, flax-free, fishmeal-free, GMO-free and from heritage-breed layers that are raised by 100% PHYSIO-ORGANC standards.



Rainbow Ranch Farms:  Inspected, licensed, certified and registered with the C.D.F.A.




Rainbow Ranch Farms ensures that nature's protective bloom remains in-tact by never using foreign or harsh products such as vinegar or even water to clean the eggs.


Rainbow Ranch Farms eggs are ALLERGEN-FREE! and no products are applied to adulterate the eggs in any way. The eggs are never coated with any foreign or toxic products, especially since the shell is very porous and will absorb the coating. Rainbow Ranch Farms never uses any oils of any sort to coat or otherwise adulterate these NUTRIENT-DENSE eggs.

Egg Sizes: small, medium, large, ex-large & jumbo. 


Shell Color:  does not reflect or effect the nutritional density or quality of the egg.


Yolk Color: does not depict, reflect or affect the nutritional density or quality of the egg. It is only a reflection of the cartenoids consumed by the hen within the past 24-30 hours. 


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NO corn, soy, wheat, fish meal, coconut, flax or other toxic fillers.


These  eggs are superior in nutrient-dense DHA, Vitamin E &  Ω-3 values, and are in very high demand. We collect fresh eggs 2-X-daily and they are available "FRESH DAILY".



Twice as much vitamin E and long-chain omega-3 fats, more than double the total omega-3 fatty acids, and less than half the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, and the Vitamin A and vitamin E concentrations are 38 percent higher.

1/4 less saturated fat
2/3 more vitamin A
Two times more omega-3 fatty acids
Three times more vitamin E
Seven times more beta carotene

DHA (DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid that plays a key role in infant brain and eye development and adult health).

Research shows that supplementing egg-layers with commercial or standard (including certified organic) lay mash-feeds, will likely result in reduced omega-3 fatty acid and lower vitamin A and E concentrations in eggs.



Xenia collects eggs from the "specialty coops" where the English Sussex, French Copper Marans and Malay Jungle Fowl lay, brood and hatch-out baby chicks.

Eggs that are not for hatching are collected by Xenia as her "PRIVATE RESERVE".


All eggs at Rainbow Ranch Farms are produced using farm-grown ingredients from the Pinon Hills, home-farm.  .  

NOTE: ALL eggs from Xenia's "PRIVATE RESERVE" are fertile.  These eggs are from the "PRIZED FLOCKS" which include Japanese, English and Exotic Game, Bantams and even the incredible black-skinned Silkies. 

Rainbow Ranch Farms does not use commodity grains!

"As long-time seed savers, beekeepers and eco-village sponsors, our heirloom gardens are all open-pollentated by our own bees (and other naturally occuring insects) and we have a "ZERO" glyphosate/pesticide and G.M.O. contamination ratio because our home-farm is in a clean "RURAL" setting. Our birds are additionally secured by a heavy duty "enviro-barrier" and we use our own farm-produced,  and superior-quality mulch, compost and fertilizers which also ensures the nutrient-dense, high quality of all our crops produced.  We grow our own worms for castings and for bird food too!" (Xenia Stavrinides).


Xenia's "PRIVATE RESERVE" eggs exceed all national and international nutritional standards of excellence because they arefrom vaccine-free, antibiotic-free,  very old standard, heritage-breeds which are NEVER fed any corn, soy, wheat, flax, or any other toxic and non-food products. 


NOTE: Xenia's "PRIVATE RESERVE"  eggs are not graded and will vary in size due to the multitude of layer-breeds. Eggs are shipped unrefrigerated.


SAFE HANDLING OF EGGS: According to C.D.F.A. egg safety handling rules, the expiration date of fresh eggs is 30 days from date of pack.


Xenia says:

I respect the C.D.F.A. egg safety and handling codes, they are there for very good cause, mostly to protect the general public that really does not know much, or anything at-all about birds, hens, layers, eggs or egg production. The facts remain that the health department still (to this day), teach people who work in restaurants to "WASH THEIR HANDS!”. That alone speaks volumes. 


The first time I saw eggs in a cooler was at Alpha Beta grocery store in Glendora, California, U.S.A. in 1978. My mother was looking for farm fresh eggs in the baking isles for about 30 minutes, and finally she asked one of the clerks and they took us to the cooler where it was filled with hundreds upon hundreds of eggs in flats and cartons with the words “KEEP REFRIGERATED” and “GOOD UNTIL (date)”. It was certainly a new experience".


In my opinion, ANY eggs that have been sprayed, scrubbed, washed, sanitized, sterilized and coated with foreign substances, YES! They must be refrigerated, kept refrigerated and used within 30-days..


Egg shells are very porous and absorb bacteria and cleaning products. The egg cleaning process removes the natural protective bloom/cuticle that protects the egg from any penetrating germs.


Growing up in the midst of world and global travel throughout Europe, the Middle East, Mediterranean and even parts of North Africa, I never saw farm fresh eggs in the refrigerator; I never saw my parents or my grandparents ever place farm fresh eggs into a refrigerator, and I suppose strong family traditions are hard to break..


Personally, I do not refrigerate my eggs, I keep them in the egg basket on my kitchen butchering block and my eggs remain fresh for 5-7 weeks past the 30-day mark during the cooler months and during the hot summer months my eggs stay fresh for about 4-6 weeks past the 30-day mark, and that's here in the California Mojave Desert."

"Where Our Poultry Are Outstanding In Their Field"

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