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Planning a trip to a U.S. based Disney Park, Disney Cruise or Disney Dining establishment?

Be sure to contact the allergy-specialist at Disney.

We are approved for your special dietary needs, histamine-free  and allergy-free dining experience. Your Disney dining, allergy specialist can order your proteins directly from Rainbow Ranch Farms for your special menu planning.

USDA/National Organic Program


PART 205—NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM § 205.238 Livestock health care practice standard.

(c) The producer of an organic livestock operation must not:

(2) Administer any animal drug, other than vaccinations, preventives, and pain relief medications, in the absence of illness;


Only drugs for vaccinations, pain relief, preventative measures (antibiotics, tetanus etc.) can be used without a present illness (healthy animal). 

With the presence of an injury or, illness, other drugs may be used. 

Organic Standards


FDA Withdraws Proposal To Limit Livestock Antibiotic Use, Raising Public Health Concerns                            

 Lynne Peeples: Environment and Public Health Reporter, The Huffington Post


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday its withdrawal of a decades-old proposal to limit the use of antibiotics in animal feed, a move experts say could have dire implications for public health.

The LC was concerned that full and complete enforcement of the regulation, and the intent that it appears to show, would prohibit the use of many substances allowed on the NL. Full enforcement of the section could result in the prohibition of such commonly accepted preventive practices as the use of teat dip at milking time to help prevent the incidence of mastitis, and welfare practices such as the use of pain relief medication during castration, dehorning and surgery not related to illness. These restrictions would completely contradict sound animal welfare practices that many constituents from all sectors of the organic industry believe not only should be allowed in organic livestock production, but at least encouraged if not actually required

FDA/Food Safety Modernization Act

Effective Jan. 1 2016

For farmers who don’t qualify for the Tester-Hagan exemption or whose exemption is revoked, the proposed produce safety rules cover every aspect of growing and harvesting crops, including worker training, hygiene, domestic livestock, wildlife, and buildings and equipment.

Open Expense Reports/Shared P&L - Xenia
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§205.603 Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic livestock production.Synthetic substances that may be used in organic livestock production are specified for the following uses and applications: Link Here For Details.

Rainbow Ranch Farms does not use any synthetic applications!

§205.105 Allowed and prohibited substances, methods, and ingredients in organic production and handling.. Link Here

Rainbow Ranch Farms does not vaccinate any livestock!

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