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Grain-Free Organic Heritage Pork Raised Without Vaccines

Grain-Free Organic Heritage Pork


Discover Pinon Pork, your source for grain-free, organic, pasture-raised pork from our idyllic ranch in Pinon Hills, CA.


Shipped nationwide, our 5-6-pound boxes feature a selection of cuts chosen by your farmer from our on-site butcher shop. Handwritten labels and eco-conscious packaging ensure a wholesome delivery experience.


Our heritage pigs indulge in a luxurious diet of fresh organic berries, leafy greens, sweet fruits, and vegetables, complemented by the bounty of seasonal pastures. Raised at 4000' elevation with ample sunshine, they boast robust immune systems, contributing to the nutritional richness of our pork. The premium pork fat, abundant in natural vitamin D, is perfect for both culinary and health-conscious needs.


Explore our journey further on our Youtube channel:


As a holistic rancher, farmer, veterinarian, and artisan butcher, Xenia embraces the beauty of this unique journey, acknowledging the complexity of the processing day with heartbreak, gratitude, and utmost respect.  Join us in savoring the goodness of our pork, a natural source of dietary vitamin D.


*Red Wattle Heritage Hogs

*Kunekune Heritage Hogs

*Black Berkshire (Kurobota) Heritage Hogs



Holistic Rancher, Farmer and Veterinarian

Artisan Nose-To-Tail Butcher




  • Shipping/Delivery

    Expect your order to be fulfilled in 7-10 business days. I will text you a photo of your box label for review and tracking on the day of shipping.

    Your box will be shipped to you by UPS Next Day Air service, regardless of your location or distance to Rainbow Ranch Farms.

  • Upon Arrival

    Upon arrival your meat should be cool to the touch or colder.

    Their may be some liquid in the bag and this is normal during transportation. 

    Upon arrival place your meat in the freezer for at least 12 hours. 

    The freezer gel packs are reusable and the box can be recycled or composted. Any plastic in your box can be recycled. 

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