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Cowboy Beef Basket

Cowboy Beef Basket


This box is packed with your favorite beef cuts from Rainbow Ranch Farms. Pay as you go. Order as many times as you like. 


Loaded with Rainbow Ranch Farms pure grass-fed, pasture-raised, grass-finished KOSHER beef that our members are raving about. You can expect to get a variety that is sure to please your picky palet.


Expect  5.0-5.5 lbs of various beef cuts to enjoy!

A delicious variety bundle of wholesome beef cuts from boneless steaks, bone-in steaks, filet to prime grind, roasts, ribs and many more. Your farmer/rancher will personally select the cuts that go into your Cowboy Beef Box. Please, no special requests, it's just not possible. Thank you.



You send me your pre-paid UPS next day label in a PDF format to and you only pay for the products, packaging supplies and labor. This is especially good for saving you money if you get better UPS next day rates than I do.

Ships from 

Rainbow Ranch Farms

2965 McMillan Rd. Pinon HIlls, CA. 92372

Ships to:

Your physical address (no P.O. Boxes).

Box dimensions are 10X10X10

Box weight is 10.0lbs.

DELIVERY (Buy it and Get it!)

I will pack your box with your wholesome pork, add enough freezer packs for overnight shipping (nationwide) and buy/print your label for UPS next day. I will make sure that your box gets loaded onto the UPS truck.




Pick up at the farm during the next scheduled CSA farm pick up day. Pick up day is announced through my newsletter. Please sign up for the newsletter and don't miss important updates and specials.



You can schedule a gate side pick up for almost anytime. Text me 909-634-7540 and schedule your gate side pick up. Bring your cooler and either ice or, frozen freezer packs to keep your food cold during transportation.




  • Delivery Dates

    Delivery dates are subject to change monthly.

    Rainbow Ranch Farms is a real working farm and ranch with livestock and a small artisan butchering shop. There's a lot going on here. 

    I need 7-10 business days of lead time. Our products are in very high demand and your order will enter the que as soon as you place your order. Please do not delay.

    I pack and ship on Mon. Tue. Wed and Thurs.

    On the day I pack and ship your box, expect to get a text from me. I will text you a photo of your pre-paid label on your box when it's packed and shipped out from here.

    Thank you, from Xenia

  • Upon Arrival

    Upon Arrival Details

    When your meat arrives it should be cool to the touch or colder. There may be some liquid in the bags. This is normal.

    Freeze upon arrival for later use or, refrigerate to use within 12 hours. 

  • Pre-Paid Label

    This option helps you to save money. If you get better rates on UPS overnight shipping than I do please use this option.

    To order with Pre-Paid Label option you must send me your UPS pre-paid labels in PDF format. Details are listed in the description area.

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