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This is the only place I found that does food correctly. They are awesome. We really like both Dennis and Xenia

Vincent K.

" Love the product. Just got my meat sample and 4 chick pack. And it is absolutely delicious. I have not been able to eat even organic meat and poultry since it is fed with corn, soy and grain and etc. My daughter and I are so sensitive we cannot just eat those products we cannot eat meat and poultry that consume those items."

Svetlana S.

" I've been buying Thanksgiving turkeys from Xenia for years, and we have loved each one. The birds have been juicy, flavorful, and so very delicious! I appreciate the work they do at Rainbow Ranch Farms and the wonderful customer service when I have specific requests. Thank you! "

Linda L.

Hey, my rock n roll Goddess! PLEASE send me more eggs. Thanks

Samuel E.

Loving the spatch-cocked chicken. Thank you!

Deb & Sally

I have never had more delicious pork! I am totally blown away.

Mark Z. T.

 I am very pleased with the quality of the products. Thank you very much!

Sandy M.