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At our farm, we take pride in producing fresh, holistic heirloom food for our members and future members. We only butcher our animals after all orders are in and meet the minimum weights for a whole beef or hog to be processed. This ensures that you receive the freshest meat possible.

Fostering an ecologically safe environment for raising and cultivating corn-free, soy-free, wheat-free, and vaccine-free livestock that produce delightfully wholesome foods that are sure to satisfy. 

Corn-Free, Soy-Free, Wheat-Free, Grain-Free,
Drug & Vaccine-Free!

This is the only place I found that does food correctly. They are awesome. We really like both Dennis and Xenia

Vincent K.

" Love the product. Just got my meat sample and 4 chick pack. And it is absolutely delicious. I have not been able to eat even organic meat and poultry since it is fed with corn, soy and grain and etc. My daughter and I are so sensitive we cannot just eat those products we cannot eat meat and poultry that consume those items."

Svetlana S.

" I've been buying Thanksgiving turkeys from Xenia for years, and we have loved each one. The birds have been juicy, flavorful, and so very delicious! I appreciate the work they do at Rainbow Ranch Farms and the wonderful customer service when I have specific requests. Thank you! "

Linda L.

Hey, my rock n roll Goddess! PLEASE send me more eggs. Thanks

Samuel E.

Loving the spatch-cocked chicken. Thank you!

Deb & Sally

I have never had more delicious pork! I am totally blown away.

Mark Z. T.

 I am very pleased with the quality of the products. Thank you very much!

Sandy M.

" RRF's poultry and meats have incomparable flavor and texture. So far we have enjoyed their chickens, turkeys, ducks, eggs, lamb and pork--all the best we have tasted."

Michele B.

" Xenia is a sweetheart! Her organic eggs are unbeatable in flavor! The same goes for all her farm fresh, organic, naturally fed meats. My mouth waters every time she walks into our warehouse with new treats. Love Rainbow Ranch Farms and all they offer!!!"

Christina K.

Great food, good service and we are very happy- 5 stars

Leonard D.

I have food allergies and my doctor introduced me to this farm. Thank you.

Karen Y.

We love Dennis, Xenia and the farm.

The Thompsons

Introducing the Pickle Jar Fund:

Extending a Helping Hand

At Rainbow Ranch Farms, giving back is at the heart of what we do. With the creation of the Pickle Jar Fund in 2009, we've been on a mission to make a difference in our community.

Every Membership purchase you make and every morsel of food we produce contributes to supporting our local food bank and shelter.

When we're not on our farms or ranches, you can find us volunteering and distributing food and supplies to those in need of a helping hand.


Since its inception, the Pickle Jar Fund has stocked pantries for low income and struggling seniors, provided nourishment to vulnerable individuals, children and families in need through our local food bank, and local shelter.

Your support and generous donations over the years have made all this possible. Thank you for joining us on this journey of compassion and community impact.



Organic Holistic Goodness:

Raising heritage poultry on organic "grain-free" open ranges, ensuring that every step of the process adheres to the highest standards. No vaccines,  pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs—just pure, wholesome goodness.

"Pastured poultry is like a symphony of free-range feathers, where the birds dance to the rhythm of the sunlit grass, composing a melody of health and vitality in the open-air stage of nature's amphitheater."

About Xenia Stavrinides



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