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I raise prized heritage pork. Raised on native seasonal pastures and fresh fruits and vegetables they produce a superior nutrient density along with deep natural and seasonal  flavor profiles that have a buttery texture. I raise pigs "as nature intended".  With a power load of nutritious proteins, wholesome fats, vitamins and, minerals my heritage pork is especially rich in Vitamin D-3 and essential fatty acids. I believe this is because they are bred and born here. Raised with parent stock and, never castrated. I think that my vaccine-free, antibiotic-free holistic pork is a clean, pure nutritious meat.


My happy heritage pigs enjoy a free-range lifestyle. They run, play and, exercise with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. I believe their  holistic lifestyle helps them to develop strong muscles, healthy fats, dense bones and wholesome organs.  A seasonal diet provides the pigs with the necessary enzymes to promote exceptional health. Foraging pigs get their fiber from seasonal, wild and indigenous native forage. This ensures that the pigs are not exposed to pesticides, herbicides, GMO or foreign forage. My heritage orchard-pastured pigs enjoy heirloom fallen fruits too.

Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Mat Poultry & Eggs
Organic Heritage Pigs and Pork
Corn-Free, Spy-Free, Wheat-Free Terroir Pork
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