The sustainable approach to clean, pure foods is not only critical to the survival of our apiary and, vermiculture systems but, to our good health and,  the good health of our livestock. The utilization of water-wise methods also helps preserve precious resources. At this time, we grow enough to protect our, rotational, heirloom, seed supply, food for our family, the livestock and, beneficial insects. All surplus is available during CSA farm pick-up, at the farm stand. 

Heirloom gardens, orchard and, pastures at Rainbow Ranch Farms are, seasonal. Production is limited to zone appropriate vegetation for, the benefit of our family,  livestock, honey bees and, beneficial insects. With each season, a new set of crops grow along side indigenous, wild, native vegetation. We have been saving and, rotating seeds for decades. Originally, our seeds were provided by my Mom, many of which had been saved from her personal, rotational, seed bank, which was started back in the 1950's. 

Rotational pastures, heirloom gardens, fields of indigenous vegetation,  living fodder systems, orchard and, the practice of excellent stewardship, makes it easy for the land and, soils to rest in between each harvest. All fertilizer, manure tea, compost, mulch, plant and, soil-food, comes from our farm and, our production methods. This ensures that all our organics are 100% pesticide-free and, drug-free.