1/Yr. Raw Milk Share W/Cream


Wholesome, delicious and nutritious A-2 fresh goat's milk w/cream.

Expect 1/2 gallon (2-Quarts) each and every month, for the next 12 months.

Sign up by the 15th and, get your first delivery or, pick-up next month.


Our Raw Goat's Milk is Kosher. 100% Raw (not heated). "GLUTEN-FREE".
Whole with Cream (not skimmed). Hand Milked by Mary.


A-2 RAW Whole Milk is easy to digest, loaded with essential proteins, beneficial fatty acids and good fats. Raw goat's milk is one of the very best and most efficient ways to boost healthy gut and digestive bacteria. Our beautiful heritage goats and our raw goat's milk is federally tested and, state tested too!
Nubian goats - Vaccine-Free - Antibiotic-Free
100% Grass-Fed and Native Desert Foraged
NO Corn - NO Soy - NO Wheat - NO Barley - NO Rye - NO Flax


Drink it fresh

Make home made butter and, sour cream

Make fermented products and, kefir

Make home made cottage cheese, feta or farmer cheese

Make home made pet food and,  pet milk

Make organic milk paint and, there are many more uses too!

  • Heritage Breeds.

    Nubian Goats


  • Pick-Up.

    Pick up is scheduled at the home farm located in Pinon Hills, CA. 92372 on the 1st. Saturday of each month between 11 AM - 2:00 PM unless delays and set backs are announced via our newsletter.

    Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and, never miss another important message and update from the farm.

  • Delivery

    This item is available for home delivery.

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