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Raw Dairy - Heritage Harmony

Raw Dairy - Heritage Harmony


Exclusive Organic Raw Goat's Milk Farm Share – Order Now!


As a valued member of Rainbow Ranch Farms, we're thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to secure your supply of fresh, organic raw goat's milk. Sourced from our healthy and meticulously tested heritage goats, this raw goat's milk is a pure and unadulterated delight.


Why Raw Goat's Milk?

A Historical Lifesaver

Not too long ago, raw goat's milk played a crucial role in saving lives. Its nourishing qualities, including life-saving colostrum, were essential, particularly during childbirth-related emergencies. Today, we continue this tradition, providing you with a source of pure and potent nutrition.


Balancing pH and Oral Health

Raw goat's milk, known for balancing mouth pH, is a natural ally against tooth decay and gum disease. Maintaining a steady pH of 5.5 in your mouth is key to a healthy oral environment.


Your Order Benefits:

Digestive Compatibility Your raw goat's milk is renowned for its digestive compatibility, making it an ideal choice, especially for those intolerant to other milk varieties.


A2 Protein Strictly A2, your goat's milk excludes the more problematic A1 protein found in most other milk. Embrace the purity and goodness of A2, just like human breast milk.


Healthier and Easier Digestion Easier to digest than cow's milk, your raw goat's milk maintains its natural richness without the compromises of pasteurization.


Why Choose Raw Over Pasteurized?

Natural Goodness vs. Pasteurization While pasteurization extends shelf life, it alters raw milk by eliminating living organisms. Your raw goat's milk retains its naturally sweet, creamy, and thick texture, delivering a taste that's truly unadulterated.


Versatility in Your Kitchen From kefir to yogurt, explore the culinary possibilities of your raw goat's milk. Keep it cold in the refrigerator and savor its deliciousness until it's gone.


Order Details:

  • Pickup Locations:
    • Apple Valley, CA, with glass jar exchange
    • Pinon Hills, CA, during CSA farm pickup
  • Delivery:
    • Available via UPS air service

Experience the Rainbow Ranch Difference

Indulge in the incredible benefits of perfect proteins, beneficial fatty acids, and good gut bacteria that come naturally with your raw goat's milk. Boost your gut flora and digestive bacteria efficiently, knowing that our heritage goats are in exceptional health, tested by both federal USDA and state CDFA veterinarians.


To place your order, simply email Mary directly at Be sure to mention your Rainbow Ranch Farms membership for an exclusive experience.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the finest, most nutritious raw goat's milk. Order now and embark on a journey of health and taste!


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  • USES

    Drink it fresh

    Make home made butter

    Make organic sour cream

    Make fermented products and, kefir

    Make home made, organic cottage cheese

    Organic feta cheese or farmer cheese

    Make home made pet food and,  pet milk

    You can even Make organic (totally non-toxic) milk paint and, there are many more uses too!

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