Raw Milk (1 Year)

Raw Milk (1 Year)

$30.00 per 0.5 Gallons

Pay one time and, secure your share of Organic, whole,  raw goat's milk for an entire year! 

A jar exchange works well with our milk share. Please bring an empty 1/2 gallon jar or, 2 single quart jars in exchange for a full 2 quarts or full 1/2 gallon  of your fresh, raw goat's milk.


Due to a shortage of wide mouth quart jars in California at this time, milk is only available for pick-up fresh at the farm, during CSA on-farm pick up. 


Jump in and subscribe to our raw goat's milk farm share today. Your milk shares will be ready for pick-up starting in January and, will go through to December. This share sells out fast.


Raw Goat's Milk Saving Lives!

Not too long ago, many women would succumb to death from birthing related injury, leaving behind a precious newborn for the husband or, eldest child to raise. 


Thank goodness the majority of these people owned a goat or, had access to fresh, raw goat's milk, goat's cream and, of course the life-saving colostrum. Goat's milk has been used for centuries to nourish these beautiful, delicate and, vulnerable newborn babies. Had it not been for raw goat's milk, many of us would not be here today. 


Raw Goat's Milk To The Rescue

Goat's milk, raw is known to balance the pH of the mouth. Mouth pH is critical to preventing tooth decay and, gum disease. Keeping your mouth at a steady 5.5 pH is critical to maintaining a healthy mouth.


Your order of fresh, raw goat's milk is the most compatible for human consumption and, since it is also a pure source of A2 it leaves out the more problematic A1 protein. Most all other milk contains both A1 and A2, but your goat milk is strictly A2, just like the all-life-giving, human breast milk.


Your A2 goat's milk has many health benefits and, is easier for you to digest too; especially if you experience intolerance to other milk.


Most dairy allergies are related to cow dairy and, ,most people with cow dairy allergies have shared that they can enjoy raw goat's milk with improved digestion.


Pasteurization or pasteurisation is a process in which raw milk is altered and treated with heat; a process to eliminate and kill ALL living organisms and, extend shelf life. A modern day convenience, indeed, but at what cost?


Keep it cold in the refrigerator and, enjoy it often, until it is gone.

You will notice that your milk is naturally sweet, creamy, thick and delicious. You will also realize that it's easy for you to digest, and because it is unadulterated, you will also love the added benefits of the incredible amounts of perfect proteins, beneficial fatty acids, good gut bacteria and "good for your body" fats too.


In addition, it is one of the very best and, most efficient ways to boost your healthy gut flora and your digestive bacteria.


The beautiful heritage goats that your milk comes from are tested for exceptional health by both federal and state levels to. This is important because it only adds to your security, knowing that you are always getting the top of the line safe, nutritious, delicious, whole raw goat's milk.



  • Pick-Up

    Pick-up is scheduled at the home farm in Pinon Hills, California 92372 on the first Saturday of each month, between 11 am and, 2 pm (unless there are delays from weather, farm related, holidays or, situations beyond our control).

    We announce scheduled farm pick up days through our little newsletter.

    Directions available on the website.

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  • USES

    Drink it fresh

    Make home made butter

    Make organic sour cream

    Make fermented products and, kefir

    Make home made, organic cottage cheese

    Organic feta cheese or farmer cheese

    Make home made pet food and,  pet milk

    You can even Make organic (totally non-toxic) milk paint and, there are many more uses too!

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