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Organic Compost From Vaccine-Free Livestock

Organic Compost/Free Shipping


10-12 lbs. Organic Compost.

Packed and shipped to your doorstep.


Introducing our extraordinary Organic Compost, sun-cured at a pristine 4000' elevation, providing your plants with a nutrient-rich boost like no other.


What sets our compost apart is its origin – crafted from the waste and organic bedding of vaccine-free, grain-free animals that freely roam and forage on native vegetation. This natural, sustainable process results in compost that surpasses anything found in stores or garden centers.


Our compost is a testament to the health and vitality of our free-range animals, as they graze on organic fruits, vegetables, nutritious grasses, and berries. This diverse diet ensures a unique blend of nutrients, enriching the compost with a spectrum of essential elements for your soil and plants.


Experience the benefits of compost that goes beyond conventional standards. Elevate your gardening and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment with our Organic Compost – a testament to the harmony between nature, animals, and your thriving garden.



Making nutrient rich and fluffy potting mix

Making all purpose potting or planting soil

Adding nutrients to soil and plants

Making compost tea



Make easy to drain soil mix



Shipped via UPS direct to your doorstep.


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