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Preserving Heritage: The Story of Our Standard Chickens

In a world where fast and easy often take precedence, old-fashioned standard or heritage breeds of chickens are facing the threat of extinction. These breeds, rooted in tradition, offer a sustainable alternative that goes beyond mere convenience.

A Return to Natural Breeding:

Heritage chickens, with their roots in the past, boast a natural breeding ability that sets them apart. Achieving market weight in 12-16 weeks, these birds thrive on the open range and quality forage, contributing to a sustainable breed.

From Hatching to Growth:

Unlike their commercial counterparts, we don't vaccinate our heritage hatchlings. They stay with parent stock, roaming freely in open ranges. The grow-out process sees these birds living as nature intended, foraging on insects, bugs, and grubs, producing not just quality meat but also nurturing healthy bones, marrow, and organs.

Quality Comes at a Price:

Raising heritage chickens requires dedication and time, with these birds consuming up to 9 times more food than their genetically engineered counterparts. It stands to reason that the cost reflects the commitment to quality, natural growth, and sustainability.

Rainbow Ranch Farms Commitment:

At Rainbow Ranch Farms, we take pride in crafting our own way, tailored for our heritage chickens. Our commitment includes providing corn-free, soy-free, wheat-free, barley-free, fishmeal-free, coconut-free, flax-free, and GMO-free diets.

Why? Because our heritage chickens are gluten-free and deserve a diet that aligns with their natural needs.

Research-Backed Benefits:

Studies show that our poultry has 50% more vitamin A in the meat, higher vitamin E, increased CLA, DHA, and nutrient-dense, naturally occurring bioavailable proteins, bone marrow, and fats.

Our commitment to natural, species-specific fodder results in significantly higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to healthier meat and eggs.

Feeding Quality, Not Quantity:

It's a simple truth - feeding chickens a commercial livestock feed lowers the quality of the meat and eggs produced.

Join us in embracing the natural, sustainable, and delicious journey with heritage chickens.

Ready to experience the difference? Explore our heritage poultry and embark on a journey of quality, flavor, and sustainability.


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