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How to Make Raw Butter

1. Start by using organic, raw cream. You can use raw cream from cow’s milk, or Nigerian Dwarf, goat's milk. These contain higher cream and fat values.

2. Separate the cream from the milk (if not already separated).

3. Bring cream to room temperature (let sit on counter).

4. Place cream in a clean glass jar and cover with lid (tightly).

5. Shake the jar, away from your face, vigorously and hold on tight!

6. Continue shaking the jar of cream, and switch hands when needed. We like to pass it around, and give everyone an opportunity to help.

7. After about 8 minutes, you will feel a change in the jar.

8. Continue shaking until you can see a ball of butter, with separated butter milk.

9. Once the butter milk has separated, open the jar and drain the butter milk into a clean glass. You can keep the butter milk, it tastes delicious and it is healthy. We feed all our extra butter milk to the hogs, chickens and turkeys.

9. (A): Once you have drained the butter milk, place the butter into a clean cheesecloth or cloth strainer. Gently rinse the outside of the cloth with cold, fresh water. This will remove any excess butter milk, and help keep your butter fresh, longer.

10. Prepare your butter tray, and make sure it is dry, and Just before placing your butter into the butter tray, give the butter filled cloth a gentle twist to remove any excess moisture. Add salt as desired and using your fingers, mix gently from the outside of the cloth. Mold your butter (optional) and Refrigerate.

You are done!

True RAW butter will only stay fresh for 3-4 days, and then it could begin to have an off-flavor. We prefer a sweet butter, and make it fresh every three (3) days.

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