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Wholesome DIY Butter: A Quick and Easy Recipe

Discover the simple joy of crafting your own organic, raw butter at home using quality cream from cow's or goat's milk. This quick and easy recipe promises a creamy, flavorful result that you can enjoy fresh, with the added bonus of delicious buttermilk for various culinary uses.


  • Organic, raw cream or whole milk


1. Choose High-Quality Cream:

  • Opt for organic, raw cream with higher creamy fat values for richer butter.

2. Separation of Cream and Milk:

  • If not already separated, separate the cream from the milk. This step is optional.If you use whole milk you will have buttermilk too!

3. Room Temperature Cream:

  • Bring the cream to room temperature by letting it sit on the counter.

4. Jar Preparation:

  • Place the room-temperature cream in a clean glass jar and tightly cover it with a lid.

5. Vigorous Shaking:

  • Holding the jar away from your face, shake it vigorously. Pass it around for everyone to participate.

6. Continuous Shaking:

  • Continue shaking for approximately 8 minutes until you feel a change in the jar.

7. Butter Formation:

  • Keep shaking until a ball of butter forms, with separated buttermilk.

8. Separation and Draining:

  • Open the jar and drain the buttermilk into a clean glass. Save the buttermilk for various uses or feed it to animals.

9. Draining Excess Buttermilk:

  • Place the butter into a clean cheesecloth or cloth strainer. Gently rinse the cloth with cold water to remove excess buttermilk, enhancing butter freshness.

10. Salting and Molding:

  • Prepare a dry butter tray. Just before placing the butter into the tray, give the butter-filled cloth a gentle twist to remove excess moisture.

  • Add salt as desired and mix gently using your fingers. Optionally, mold your butter.

  • Refrigerate your freshly made butter.

Notes: To purchase raw whole organic goat's milk email Mary

Conclusion: Congratulations, you've created your own batch of wholesome, homemade butter! This quick and easy recipe allows you to enjoy the freshness of true raw butter for up to 3-4 days. Revel in the sweet flavor and make it a regular part of your culinary adventures, ensuring a delightful spread for your family and friends.

Xenia Stavrinides

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