How to Make RAW Curds and Whey

Start by using fresh raw goats or cow's milk. You can skim the cream (optional) from the top, and make butter from the cream, and get a 2 for 1.

Bring your raw milk to room temperature.

I use 1 Quart.

1. Pour milk into a clean pan (glass or stainless steel).

2. On low heat, slowly bring the milk to between 85-99 degrees(F).

3. Be careful not to exceed temperatures of 105 degrees(F), otherwise you run a risk of killing valuable good bacteria.

4. Once the milk begins to froth and lighlty bubble, turn off the heat and stir in 3 tabelspoons organic cider vinegar or 3-4 drops of vegetable based rennet.

5. Cover with a lid and let sit for up to 25 minutes.

5.(A): While you are waiting, select clean cheese cloth or strainer cloth and drape it inside a fine stainless steel colander. Place the colander inside a clean, dry glass or stainless still bowl to catch the whey.

6. Pour the curds and whey through the cloth lined strainer and allow the whey to pour through to the bowl. Once drained, collect the cloth and give it a gentle twist to sqeeze out any excess whey.

7. Rinse the curd-filled cloth under cold water to rinse off any excess whey, this will help keep your curds fresh, longer.

8. Season your curds to taste. I use a couple of pinches of powdered organic mint, and organic sea salt. It reminds me of the Halloumi cheese in Cyprus, that I love so much.

9. Place your curds in a clean, dry glass or stainless steel container and refrigerate. Tip: To add a creamy texture, add some fresh, raw cream to the curds.

10. Pour the Whey into a glass jar. We drink the whey, it is wholesome and tastes great! Our extra whey goes to our hogs, chickens, turkeys and our dogs love it too!

True, RAW soft cheese made by this method will only keep for about 3 days, after 3 days it could develop an off flavor. We make fresh, soft cheese as needed.

To learn to make the best FETA, Chevre and other delicious cheese, contact the Mariposa Creamery. They hold classes and workshops, designed for everyone. You can even learn to milk the goats! Let them know that Rainbow Ranch Farms sent you.

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