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Fresh Mint-Infused Soft Cheese: A Simple And Wholesome Recipe

Explore the art of crafting your own soft cheese using fresh, raw goat's or cow's milk. This versatile recipe offers a delightful twist with the addition of organic mint, creating a unique and flavorful cheese reminiscent of the beloved Halloumi from Cyprus.


  • Fresh raw goat's or cow's milk (2 Quarts)

  • 3 tablespoons organic cider vinegar or 3-4 drops of vegetable-based rennet

  • Clean cheese cloth or strainer cloth

  • Organic sea salt (to taste)

  • Pinches of powdered organic mint (to taste)


1. Prep the Milk:

  • Bring raw milk to room temperature.

  • Optional: Skim the cream from the top for additional use in butter-making.

2. Heating the Milk:

  • Pour 2 quarts of milk into a clean pan (glass or stainless steel).

  • On low heat, gradually warm the milk to 85-99 degrees(F), avoiding temperatures exceeding 105 degrees(F) to preserve beneficial bacteria.

  • Once the milk froths and lightly bubbles, turn off the heat.

3. Acid or Rennet Addition:

  • Stir in 3 tablespoons of organic cider vinegar or 3-4 drops of vegetable-based rennet.

  • Cover with a lid and let it sit for up to 25 minutes.

4. Draining the Curds:

  • While waiting, prepare a clean cheese cloth or strainer cloth.

  • Drape it inside a fine stainless steel colander placed over a glass or stainless steel bowl to collect whey.

  • Pour the curds and whey through the cloth-lined strainer.

  • Allow whey to drain into the bowl, then gently twist the cloth to remove excess whey.

5. Rinsing the Curds:

  • Rinse the curd-filled cloth under cold water to freshen the curds and enhance their longevity.

6. Seasoning the Curds:

  • Season the curds to taste; suggested additions include a couple of pinches of powdered organic mint and organic sea salt.

  • For a creamier texture, incorporate a few teaspoons of fresh, raw cream into the curds.

7. Storage and Enjoyment:

  • Place the seasoned curds in a clean, dry glass or stainless steel container and refrigerate.

  • Pour the whey into a glass jar for consumption or feeding animals.

8. Notes:

  • True raw soft cheese made by this method is best consumed within 3 days for optimal flavor.

  • Also called Farmer's Cheese

  • For advanced cheese-making techniques, consider classes and workshops offered by Angeles Crest Creamery.

  • Purchase organic raw, whole goat's milk from Mary in Apple Valley Email:


Indulge in the satisfaction of creating your own fresh mint-infused soft cheese. This simple recipe not only allows you to savor a unique flavor but also provides a wholesome experience, from crafting cheese to enjoying the nutritional benefits of whey. Elevate your culinary skills with this delightful and rewarding cheese-making venture.

Xenia Stavrinides

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